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Greek music ............................THE AEGEAN AND ME

You ask me to tell you which is my relation to the sea? I tell you. Listen.

I was born in the sea of Aegean. In a big sack, full of salted water. There were many people. I made many friendships there. Some of them told many stories from another world, Terra firma. The land. They had live on the land thousands years ago and from a bad or good luck returned at the breast of our mother, Aegean. I met some of them, Frixos and his sister Elli, Daedalos and his son Ikaros and many others.

One day I'm noticed that hands and feet began to grow on my body. I'm going to be human, I thought. So, I decided to go out at the land. The first thing I saw it was the yellow bright light of the sun, very different of the blue soft light in the sea. But before to be sure for this movement, a white hand, which smells rubber, caught me and brought me to the seaside. With a scissors the hand cut my umbilical cord. Suddenly my skin become dry, I loosed my flakes and long hairs covered my body. Many times I'm going back to the sea, but never I could be fish again. It was a comfort to my unreturned transformation.

I started to paint the rolling stones with Ultramar color and my ancient friends on them. From this moment I understood I'm a piece of the Aegean. If you cut me to ten pieces, seven of them are sea.

Sea is my tear, sea is my sweat. I can't exist without my mother and always I'm coming back to the sea, even for a little while.

Babis Kiliaris

Apollo Frixus Jason Ikarus