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in Greek

Which is the reason why Chios town emblem remains the same through the centuries? Which discovery shoved Chian inhabitans to honor and respect the sphinx through the centuries?

Which is the relation of the Sphinx with the island and its inhabitants?

Various different questions, regarding the Sphinx legend may be posed Certain answers on these questions are given through Chios history. But there are more to be answered, specially those regarding the mystic and occult relation of ancient Chian inhabitants with the Sphinx who's mysterious and divine substances has always fascinated them.

The Sphinx, the Ogress, the Fairy, the Ghost, the Witch, the Sorceress, the Goddess, the Good Spirit, the Protector, is being registered and recounted through Charalambos Kiliaris designs, this file of 44 drawings.

The whole work is a simple artistic suggestion -an answer replying to the questions of all those who want to understand why Chian inhabitants kept for centuries the same emblem, the Sphinx. May be considered as an effort to present the Sphinx in our days. To present her not only as a bas relief or a sculpture, but as an image as well always alive, existing, moving, feeling, and participating to the island's daily life. To describe her image similar to that which the naive Chian people once thought and believed, in the same way that the contemporary inhabitants believe and address to Virgin and the Saints, protectors of the island.

We always pray to our protecting spirits during the difficult moments of our lives seeking for help and relief from our pains and misfortunes. People often bear a talisman to support and protect them. The Sphinx symbol engraved in all ancient species seems to be the talisman for all Chians to bring protection, prosperity, happiness, to calm the seas, to bless the crops and the wines.

That is why this series of drawings has been created, borrowing elements and qualities of the saints protecting the Chian people on seas and lands. And it's natural that through them, the Sphinx appears alive in our daily life, full of sentimets, struggling, fighting, defending, crucified, suffering martyrdom, becoming holy.

It seems that every nation imagines its protecting spirits somewhat as above described. It is most likely that ancient Chian people have had similar believes and expectations.

My inspiration and imagination invites you to seek the sphinx through this file of designs, to find her move: wind - shaped, here rocking as a beautiful windy woman, there caressed as an affected cat- form animal, elsewhere flying to the ethers bearing angel's or bird's wings. " Wakefully protecting the island and patrol seas " .

The artist